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Yasu Ishida, Magic Story Artist

Assembly Performance, Workshop, Residency

  • Theater

Service Description

Yasu Ishida, Master of Fine Arts in Theatre for Young Audiences, is an award-winning magician, director and storyteller, and a graduate of the Chavez Studio of Magic (the world’s most prestigious magic school). He beautifully imbues the essence of traditional Japanese culture into his magic and storytelling. Yasu has enthralled audiences all over the United States, including performances at Disney Summer Stage Kids in New York and the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., the world’s largest festival of Japanese culture outside of Japan. Assembly Performance: Japanese Magical Journey Combining traditional Japanese theatre, lion dance, music, origami, magic, and storytelling, Yasu will guide audiences to the enchanting land of Japan. He will share excerpts from a Japanese traditional folktale with origami, a Japanese traditional vaudeville act with the playing of a traditional flute, and a Japanese lion dance. Yasu’s programs include stories that he performs with lots of audience interaction and participation. This program connects with the Common Core State and North Carolina Essential Standards. Grade Levels PK-5 Maximums 250 Students, 45-50 minutes; 4/day Total Fee 1 performance - $900 / 2 performances (same school/same day) $1,200 Workshop: Origami in Motion! Yasu’s Origami in Motion! enhances global understanding of culture through art of paper folding. At the beginning of the class, Yasu will do a short presentation of stories using Origami as storytelling tools. And then students get to learn about history and geography through Origami at the beginning of class followed by hands-on origami activities. Students get to make their own origami. Connected to social studies and theatre arts standards. Grade Levels PK-5 Maximums 40 Students, 45-50 minutes; 5/day Total Fee 1 performance - $1,300 (4,5 classes a day- all day flat fee) Residency - Origami Peace Project This new origami residency program focuses on students using arts for social change. At the beginning of the class, Yasu tell a story of "1000 Paper Cranes", a story of a girl in Japan during the war made 1,000 paper cranes for a wish of world peace. Then, in the class we will discuss what does the peaceful world and peaceful school mean to them. They will write their wishes of how they can contribute world peace locally on a rectangle paper and attach to a paper crane and we will decorate your class/school with origami peace wish cranes!

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