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Types of Grants and Subsidy Programs

Money spent on the arts benefits everyone. Through grants and other funding, the Arts Council plays an active role in our unique and vibrant community. Arts, cultural and historic organizations as well as our local artists and schools are among the greatest assets.

For the 2018-2019 fiscal year, community organizations were awarded a total of $652,429 in grants and funding by the Arts Council.

Grant awards are decided by a panel of community, cultural and education professionals from local, regional and state organizations, and by citizens of the community. The grants fall into four categories: Operating Support, Project Support, Mini Grants and Regional Artists Project Grants. The Arts Council also offers subsidy funding through the Artists in Schools program and funding for local municipalities outside of Fayetteville. Below are the award details of each of the categories.

Project Support Grants may be awarded to local nonprofit agencies in Cumberland County who produce cultural arts programming.   These projects have a profound and far-reaching impact on our community.  The purpose of Project Support Grants is to increase opportunities for access to cultural arts programming in Cumberland County. Cultural arts are defined as: arts, science, history and heritage.  

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The Artists in Schools program provides subsidy funding to public and private schools in Cumberland County and Fort Bragg for artists residencies, assembly performances, Online/ Virtual online engagemnets, and workshops. Local, regional, and national artists and companies of all disciplines submit applications. A local panel of teachers and administrators screen artist applicants for strong educational material, artistic value and economic feasibility. Comprehensive hands-on and multi-disciplinary activities/workshops/performances with links to educational goals and standards are emphasized.

Schools/Educators: Learn More 

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Artist Support Grant

The Artist Support Grant was created to provide direct support to individual artists in Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson, Sampson, and Scotland Counties. 

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Municipal Art Allocations 

Cultural arts enrich the lives of our citizens. They educate, inspire, entertain, and provide significant opportunities for economic development.   
The purpose of Municipal Arts Allocations is to increase access to arts, cultural and historical programming in municipalities outside the City of Fayetteville in Cumberland County.  

Allocations range from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 depending on the population size of the municipality.  

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Cultural Organization Resource Grants (formerly Operating Support Grants) may be awarded to local arts agencies in Cumberland County whose programs are vital to the cultural life of the community and whose organizations have reached a size and maturity that assure their long-term viability. The purpose of Operating Support Grants is to strengthen major arts institutions and provide further support as they deliver high-quality cultural services to the citizens of Cumberland County. 

2020-2021 C.O.R.E. Guidelines

Who May Apply?

Mini-Grant applicants can be a nonprofit organization, municipality, or artist operating or residing in Cumberland County.  An individual or group of artists may apply for a Mini Grant if they are based in Cumberland County and the funded project also occurs in Cumberland County.  Schools are generally not considered for Mini-Grant applications and should refer to the Artists in Schools program for consideration.  Organizations that are ineligible to receive funding through other Arts Council grant mechanisms due to unfulfilled grant requirements may not apply for a Mini-Grant.

Applicants may apply for more than one Mini-Grant in the same fiscal year but cannot be awarded for the same project in the same fiscal year.

What Projects are eligible?

 Projects funded by a Mini Grant must be open to the public.  Mini Grant projects can occur in any cultural art form and must be completed within six (6) months from the date of award. Any project that has previously been reviewed twice by an Arts Council grants panel or Grants Assessment Committee and was not funded is ineligible for a Mini Grant.

All virtual/online projects must use artists whose primary residence is Cumberland County.

Fundraisers for non-arts and cultural nonprofits are not eligible for Mini Grants.

What May I Ask For?

•    Mini-Grant awards will not exceed $2,000.00.
•    Mini-Grants can support artist fees, project supplies/materials, contracted services, some marketing, space/equipment rental, etc.
•    Mini-Grants can request the use of the Arts Council for specific purposes related to the project.
•    No more than 20% of the Mini-Grant award can be used for marketing/outreach expenses.

Download Complete Guidelines and Application

If you have any questions about the application or your proposal please contact Micahel Houck, Director of Grants and Allocations at 910-460-5725 or