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Sweet Tea Shakespeare

Assembly Performance, Workshop

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Service Description

Sweet Tea Shakespeare is a small theatre company based in Fayetteville, NC. We specialize in Shakespeare and other classic plays combined with live music and a relaxed atmosphere with which to engage text, play, and stagecraft. Staffed by a team of highly qualified educators, STS has a history of school performances, study guide and lesson plan building, internships, workshops, and other hands-on experiences with students of all ages centered around theatre, English and language arts, history, physicality, and music. Assembly Performance - In-school performance assemblies Hamlet (late October through November 2022) Wittenberg (mid-March through mid-April 2023) This Sweet Tea Shakespeare tour tells the classic tragic tale of the prince of Denmark, with only four actors playing every role. Hamlet, still reeling from the untimely death of his father the King, is shocked to receive a ghostly visit from his father, instructing Hamlet to avenge his death. Hamlet devises the perfect plan to reveal the true murderer: putting on a play. Shakespeare’s most-performed, most-adapted, and most-beloved work. Performed with a handful of actors and featuring live music. Grade Levels 6-12 Maximums 400 Students, 90 minutes, 2/day Technical Requirements 20x20 stage, changing area, access to power (wall outlets), room with little echo, must be able to seat audience on 2-3 sides of playing area (Thrust). Total Fee 1 performance- $1,000 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,750 Workshop (in conjunction with Assemblies) Select classrooms gain access to STS artists on a smaller scale. Workshops include activities meant to activate and empower students’ learning toward NC state learning standards and focus on language, leadership, embodiment, empathy, problem-solving, and engagement. Suitable for Theatre, English, History, and Music classes. Grade Levels 6-12 Maximums 40 Students, 45 minutes, 4/day Total Fee 1 performance- $250, $175 per additional Workshop - Audience Lecture/Talkback (in conjunction with assemblies) Maximums 400 Students, 30 minutes, 2/day Total Fee 1 performance- $250, 2 performances $350 Residency Maximums 50 Students (flexible), 90 minutes, 2/day Total Fee 1 performance- sliding scale, 2 performances - sliding scale For full list of programs visit

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