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Russian Duo

Assembly Performance, Workshop, Residency

  • Music

Service Description

Russian Duo, an international project, born out of a love of traditional music and classical elegance, has been fascinating children across North America with vibrant balalaika, piano and vocal performances. Meet Oleg, a balalaika virtuoso from Siberia with an impish style; sing with Terry, American pianist and ethnomusicologist with an enchanting smile. Their repertoire ranges from diverse flavors of traditional Russian music, lilting voices, chamber music classics and unique transcriptions of world favorites. Russian Duo celebrates cross-cultural collaboration. Assembly Performance: Cross-Cultural Collaboration Discover teamwork in action; experience how performers, composers and audiences work together. Students will be captivated by exuberant music, energized by dynamic rhythms, moved by beautiful melodies. Learn how the balalaika came onto the modern concert stage from humble peasant origins in Old Russia. The audience becomes an essential part of the concert, performing on stage using Russian percussion. Grade Levels K-8 Maximums 500 Students, 45-50 minutes; 2/day Technical Requirements Power outlet. Armless chair. Piano bench. We bring our own sound system. Total Fee 1 performance - $880 / 2 performances - $1,540 Workshop: Troika! Folk Dance & Russian Percussion There is nothing more quintessentially Russian than the three-horse-drawn carriage known as the troika. Students will understand the context and significance of the troika by learning the famous “Troika” dance and accompanying it with various rhythms played on authentic Russian percussion. Grade Levels K-5 Maximums 50 Students, 45-50 minutes; 3/day Technical Requirements Power outlet. Armless chair. Piano bench. Long table. Total Fee 1 performance - $400 / 2 performances - $350 Residency: Cross-Cultural Collaboration with Russian song, dance & story Oleg and Terry create a residency in tandem with your class curriculum and interests, aligning to Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Music standards. We teach Russian folk dances, folk songs, tell or re-enact Skazki (folk tales), discuss historical, cultural, and musical significance. We bring Russian percussion instruments to play. Songs, dances and stories can be included in a culminating theater piece and/or a performance with the Duo. Grade Levels K-12 Maximums Students TBD, 45-50 minutes Total Fee 3 day residency

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