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Paul Taylor

Assembly Performance

  • Literary

Service Description

Paul Taylor is a native of Adelaide, South Australia. Storyteller, authentic player of Aboriginal percussion & didjeridoo, he trained as a social worker & also in theater. He returns to Australia on sabbatical each year where he is mentored by Yidumduma Bill Harney, custodian of the Wardaman Aboriginal culture in Australia’s Northern Territory. Paul travels the US performing & conducting interactive sessions for schools, performing arts centers, festivals, museums & libraries. He has worked with over 300,000 American students and recorded 5 award-winning albums of Australian song and story. He has been honored with a Parents’ Choice Gold and a WY Governor’s Arts Award. Assembly Performance: Wonders Down Under; Australian Music & Stories (K-5) Wonders Down Under is an interactive multifaceted performance. Students come away with a unique look at the wonderful Aussie character through an exciting mix of stories, songs, dance, painting, theater and didgeridoo – drawing comparisons in American history and culture. The performance honors both the Aboriginal and European roots of Australia. Students are introduced to the Aboriginal spiritual worldview called Bush University; the Aboriginal creation story, teaching us to pay attention, care for our water, care for our land – to care for our place wherever we may be. Total Fee for One Program: $725/ Two Programs: $1300 Maximum number of students 400/ Maximum number of performances 2/ Program Length 45-50 Mins Technical Requirements Simple sound system with one vocal mic and one instrument mic. Website

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