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Number Drummer

Assembly Performance, Workshop

  • Music

Service Description

Number Drummer creator Troy Kryzalka has worked in music and education for over 20 years. Along with being a musician and classroom teacher, Troy has worked in curriculum and instruction as a trainer, coach, and developer. Number Drummer was created because Troy struggled to learn and understand music the traditional way. Math became his approach for learning music, so it naturally became his method for teaching. Troy has been recognized and awarded by Yale University for his innovative teaching approach. Assembly Performance The Math Machine // Number Drummer Live1 (K-5) “The Math Machine” is the kick-off of the Number Drummer live interactive series of performances. Students discover how math has a sound and how they can drum up addition, multiplication, fractions, measurement, and algebra to create a spectacular rhythmic performance. Assembly Performance Breaking Beat // Number Drummer Live2 (K-5) During “Breaking Beat”, students experience rhythm and math on a deeper level. Through parts of a whole (K-2) and fractions (3-5), students discover how breaking beat into pieces (rhythm) is connected to math and reading, and how breaking words into parts (syllables) is connected to math and music. Assembly Performance EOG EDITION // Number Drummer TEST PREP Performance (K-5) EOG EDITION is the Number Drummer performance with an EOG twist. Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade discover how the math on their EOG test also has a sound and can also create a spectacular musical performance. Total Fee: $795/ $1,195 Workshop The Drum Machine (K-5) Is there a relationship between 2 and 8? What is the connection between division and fractions? What does y=2x sound like? Students experience the relationship of numbers and the connection of different math concepts as they create the human drum machine. Total Fee : $900 2 wksp / $1200 3 wksp Workshop Beat-Ball Beat-Ball is a basketball integrated workshop that teaches and creates a rhythmic basketball routine using math. Requires large open space (gymnasium ideal) and 1 basketball per student. School must also provide basketballs for students to use. Total Fee : $900 2 wksp / $1200 3 wksp Workshop The Rhythmic Restaurant (2-5) The Rhythmic Restaurant workshop demonstrates creativity through mathematics. Students practice, perform and present their mathematical rhythms through a creative “real-world” dramatization. Total Fee : $900 2 wksp / $1200 3 wksp

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