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Living Rhythms

Assembly Performance, Workshop, Virtual Engagement

  • Music

Service Description

Living Rhythms has provided hands-on residencies, workshops and performances in West African drumming and dancing to over 275,000 students at schools throughout the US for the last 22 years. With differentiated instruction for grades preK-12, our team of artist-educators has a strong history of demonstrated ability to successfully communicate in a school environment with children. The artist- educators on our diverse team have extensive experience and training as educators, and some were teachers in public schools before joining our company. Additionally, each has an impressive personal history of strong artistic accomplishments, studying and performing across Africa, the US and beyond. Assembly Performance Off your seat and on your feet! Your students are a part of the show from the very first note during this truly interactive adventure through the world of West African Drum and Dance! With nonstop audience participation, the entire student body becomes a part of the music and dance, while learning about West African history and sharpening their abilities with respect, communication and teamwork. Total Fee: $1250 Workshop A Day of Workshops: Living Rhythms (K-12) Put a drum in your students' hands and teach them to dance! A drum is provided for each student to use. Participants learn music and songs that represent the folklore traditions of several different African ethnics groups. Students leant the dances that historically accompany the musical selections. Students get a first-hand experience of how the values of listening, teamwork, and respect directly contribute to our success - both artistically and personally. Virtual Engagement E-Learning: Living Rhythms The Living Rhythms E-Learning course consists of a series of instructional videos found on a website easily accessible with a simple password. In addition to the videos, teachers, and students also have access to a number of downloadable pdf resources, including background information about the history and culture of the drums, plus lesson plans ideas for teachers. Total Fee: $400 Website:

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