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Hobey Ford's Golden Rod Puppets

Assembly Performance, Workshop

  • Theatre

Service Description

Winner of the UNIMA Citation for Excellence and 3 Jim Henson Foundation grants, Hobey Ford is known for his excellence in puppetry performance and craft and his skill as a master storyteller. Hobey utilizes his artistic studies from the State University of New York and UNCA to design and construct all of his Golden Rod puppets. His performances present puppetry styles and tales from around the world and feature puppetry styles he has created such as the Peepers hand puppets and his well-loved “Foamies” puppets made from large blocks of foam with inventive mechanisms to create life-like movements. Hobey tours internationally and trains teachers through his involvement with the Kennedy Center. Assembly Performances for K-5 : Total Fee:$700 / $1300 ANIMALIA explores the world of animals through movement, music and visually stunning puppetry. Ford breaks out of the traditional puppet theater booth turning the whole theater into his performance stage. The pieces include a magnified look at butterfly and frog metamorphosis, the world of birds, his classic undersea ballet of whales, frolicking dolphins and otters. MIGRATION is the story of Beatriz’s journey to a new place & culture. She finds courage to carry on through a special book written by her late mother about animals that migrate. SEA SONG is the story of a boy discovering nature for the first time through a fascination with the life cycle of the sea turtle. A city boy comes to spend his summer at the coast & is suddenly cut off from his digital world. He turns his attention to the natural world of a remote coastal beach. In WORLD TALES, Hobey Ford spins a web of tales with 3 classic bug stories from around the world. Workshop Hobey Ford's Student Shadow Puppetry Combining storytelling with shadow puppetry brings a variety of cultures to life in the classroom through folktales. During this workshop, students learn shadow puppetry performance techniques and how to construct their own shadow puppets. Hobey Ford discusses the construction of a shadow puppet theater and how to later implement the technique for performing shadow plays. Total Fee : $385 / $635 Website

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