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Grey Seal Puppets

Assembly Performance

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Service Description

Drew Allison has performed on television and stage in venues like The Center for Puppetry Arts, The Smithsonian Institution and The Detroit Institute of Art. Drew was awarded The President's Award for outstanding achievement in the art of puppetry. He has received three prestigious UNIMA Citations of Excellence for Grey Seal Puppets’ productions of A Show of Virtues, Bathtub Pirates, and Animal Farm. Drew co-authored The Foam Book: An Easy Guide to Building Polyfoam Puppets and is featured in The Foam Book DVD. He was awarded a Jim Henson Foundation Grant in 2020 and Drew’s one-act play “Good Night Mrs., Johnson” won first place in a Smithsonian Institute Playwright Contest. Assembly Performances (K-5) Total Fee: $700 / $1500 Tangle of Tales A taste of the familiar and a touch of the new! Three folk tales come to life: “The Frog Prince” teaches the importance of a promise, “Three Billy Goats Gruff” warns us against gluttony, and “The Three Little Pigs” is all about doing the job right. Each story is told using a variety of puppets. Bathtub Pirates Blackbeard is without a ship. A tub will have to do. His crew outfits the tub and at first the child is delighted, but hen the kid gets wind of Blackbeard's plan, he devises his own! Captain Kid challenges Blackbeard to a duel! The Emperor's New Clothes Hans C. Andersen's timeless story takes on a whole new dimension as this classic is transformed into a fable. The crafty tailors are foxes, the prime minister a near-sighted camel and the councilor is a befuddled old walrus. Even the audience takes part, as animals, of course! Salsa Cinderella This classic tale of love and footwear is told with a spicy twist! All the familiar characters are reimagined as ingredients in a jar of salsa! Peppers, onion, garlic, and tomatoes all make up the ingredients of this spicy cast! A Show of Virtues Inspired by The Children’s Book of Virtues, Grey Seal has produced an enlightening program of stories; “The Little Hero of Holland,” “The Tortoise and the Hare,” “Please,” and “Why Frog and Snake Never Play Together.” The Nightingale (K-12) Materialism, device dependency and mindfulness create the framework for Grey Seal Puppets’ adaptation of this endearing tale of selfishness versus selflessness. With original music and a slightly steampunk production design, “The Nightingale” is truly an enchanting story!

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