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El'Ja Bowens

Workshop, Residency

  • Literary

Service Description

LeJuane (El’Ja) Bowens is an award-winning spoken word artist, poet, speaker, and author. El'Ja Bowens has done work with the John Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts along with featuring at many festivals including the National Folk Festival, Big Ears Festival, and Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival. He is the founder/director for the Southeast Regional NC Poetry Festival in Fayetteville, NC and he has featured on Poetry Slam Inc and All Def Poetry on YouTube. He also hosts Nerd Slam competitions at numerous comicons across the US. Workshop: Poetry 101 Poetry 101 is a short, but preside creative writing workshop that will help and guide beginning writers to creating poetry using different styles along with simple poetic devices used when writing poetry. Grade Levels 6-12 Maximums 20 Students, 45-50 minutes, 3/day Technical Requirements Monitor to set up laptop for PowerPoint Total Fee 1 performance - $500 / 3 performances - $1,200 Residency: W.I.P.: A Creative Writing Experience W.I.P. is a creative writing residency where students will go through a three week course of using creative writing to not only help brainstorm ideas, but to also help them in creating a story, poem, and/or song in the process. Grade Levels 6-12 Maximums 20 Students, 60 minutes, 1/day Technical Requirements Monitor/Screen in order to display PowerPoint Total Fee 1 performance - $2,100 Website

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