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Didgeridoo Down Under!

Assembly Performance

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Service Description

G’day! DDU is one of the most popular educational entertainment companies in the U.S. Our program themes range from Australian cultural arts to science, literacy, character building and more. We’ve presented 9,000+ programs at schools and other venues nationwide, and we’re based in NC. DDU performers Rob Thomas & Tanya Gerard have performed at schools and other venues throughout the U.S. for 20+ years and have produced music for numerous films, including the IMAX movie Sacred Planet. Assembly Performance DDU Show: Australian Music, Character Building & More! (K-12) The DDU Show is an energetic fusion of Australian music, culture, art, science, comedy, character building and audience participation. Total Fee:$750-$1900 Assembly Performance Protect the Planet: World Music, Earth Science & Environmental Entertainment! Students will learn how the air we breathe was created; they’ll marvel at prehistoric creatures roaming primordial landscapes; they’ll explore a mysterious underground plant communication network; most importantly, they’ll learn how to protect our beautiful and beloved Earth. Total Fee:$1000-$1900 Residency Make & Play the Didgeridoo! (K-12) The residency kicks off with the DDU show and includes the same learning experience as the Aussie Funk Jam, plus more advanced didgeridoo rhythms and playing techniques. The residency culminates with a mini-performance! Total Fee: 2 days $3000, 3 days $4000, 4 days $5000, 5 days $6000 Workshop Aussie Funk Jam: Learn to Play the Didgeridoo! (3-12) In this upbeat workshop, participants also learn how to craft and paint their own didgeridoos (on their own time) with household items like cardboard tubes. The AFJ is cool, funky and unique cultural experience! Only available on the same day as a performance. Total Fee:$350-$800 Virtual Adventures of the Wild Wolf: Unleash Your Inner Reader & Author! (K-5) Children’s author Tanya Gerard and her husband, Rob Thomas, have raised wolves and wolf-dog hybrids as pets for 20 years. Their pets inspired Tanya to write The Adventures of the Wild Wolf. Tanya & Rob are on a mission to motivate children to read and write, and to unlock their own inner author. Virtual DDU Show: Australian Music, Character Building & More! (virtual) video for 2 weeks $500; live virtual plus 1 show $600, 2 shows $800, 3 shows $1000 Virtual Protect the Planet: World Music, Earth Science & Environmental Entertainment! video for 2 weeks

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