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Dave McDonald's Kids Make Comics!

Assembly Performance, Residency

  • Visual Art

Service Description

Dave McDonald has spent his entire life working in the arts and entertainment industry; including television, theme parks, puppet theater and comics. For 15 years “Mr. Dave” has been an accredited teaching artist with the South Carolina Arts Commission and the United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake County, NC. and has taught thousands of students how to create their own comics and characters. He’s a featured video instructor on the educational apps Epic! and Highbrow and on his YouTube channel, Dave McDonald Art. Assembly Performance: Cartooning and Comics with Dave McDonald The artist begins with a PowerPoint presentation that introduces students to comics and graphic novels. Students then participate in an interactive drawing demonstration, teaching them how simple shapes become super characters! The artist then leads them on an exciting writing exercise that uses his drawing as the catalyst for creating a story. Students bring paper, pencil and their imaginations to this program and will leave with tons of ideas for creating their own characters and comic stories! Grade Levels 2-5 Maximums 200 Students, 45-50 minutes, 3/day Technical Requirements Microphone/PA system, laptop and screen for PowerPoint Total Fee 1 performance- $600 / 2 performances - $900 Residency - Kids Make Comics with Dave McDonald In this 4-day residency, students will be introduced to the art of making comics and will create their own full-page comic project featuring original characters they create! Through daily PowerPoint instruction and drawing demonstrations, they will be introduced to not only the art/drawing techniques used to create black and white comics (such as penciling, inking and lettering), but also the important role that writing plays in their creation. Students with varying skill levels can be successful in creating their very own full page comic for assessment or display! Grade Levels 3-5 Maximums 25 Students, 45-50 minutes, 5/day Technical Requirements Laptop and smart board in classroom each day Total Fee 1 performance- $2000 / 2 performances - N/A Website:

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