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Charles Pettee/ Hear the Sound Prod.

Assembly Performance, Workshop, Virtual, Residency

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Service Description

Charles Pettee is a guitar, mandolin, and banjo-wielding singer and songwriter originally from Asheville, NC with a strong commitment to music education who loves sharing the catchy rhythms and melodies of southern Bluegrass and Folk music, as well as the segregation-defying stories behind this culturally diverse tapestry of sounds. Since fronting NC’s world-traveling Shady Grove Band for over 25 years, Mr. Pettee has become a master teaching artist and music educator whose programs and residencies feature interactive audience participation and are in high demand throughout North and South Carolina. Mr. Pettee has proudly logged over 6,000 performances over the course of his career. Assembly Performance Bluegrass Stomp (K-5) Mr. Pettee provides complete sound system. Requests access to set up 90 minutes prior to first assembly program. “Bluegrass Stomp” is an interactive romp through the musical styles from around the world that combine to make up North Carolina Folk and Bluegrass music. Students will enjoy Irish Jigs, Spanish Flamenco, Gospel, Southern Blues, and Bluegrass, as Pettee performs with guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and voice, inviting call-response singing, clapping on beat, Q & A, and spontaneous audience lyrics! Pettee weaves historic information into his presentation with grace and humor as he invites everyone to “own” a portion of this unique NC style of music! Total Fee 1 performance $600/2 performances $900 Virtual Engagement Virtual Bluegrass Stomp (K-5) Curated video clips enhance Mr. Pettee’s live virtual performance of NC's boundary-crossing, multicultural Folk and Bluegrass music. Join in, singing along live, and even dance in class! Total Fee 1 performance $350/2 performances $600 Residency Digging for the Roots of NC Bluegrass Music (K-5) Mr. Pettee loves the classroom, where live performance, Q&A, and curated videos enrich as we sing and learn! Each day the students will experience a different "focus" instrument, learning how it works, and where it originated (guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, voice). Students may also learn how to write their own folk song, if desired by the teachers! These features of Mr. Pettee’s popular live residency programs work well with digital platforms! Residency packages may involve all classes K-5, or be confined to one or two grades, depending on the goals and desires of the school. Total Fee $700/day (3-5 day options) Website

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