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Bright Star Touring Theatre

Assembly Performance, Residency, Workshop

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Service Description

Bright Star Touring Theatre is celebrating its 20th year of developing original, thought-provoking and engaging theatre for young audiences! Our two-person shows, workshops and residencies cover a wide range of topics - Bully Prevention, History, Civil Rights, World Cultures, Social Emotional Learning, STEM/STEAM and Classic Literature. Bright Star has the perfect show YOU! Assembly Performance - 2022-23 Bright Star Touring Theatre Season Bright Star has a wide range of shows available year-round for your students under a wide variety of topics - Bully Prevention, Social Emotional Learning, Holidays, Black History, Women's History, Civil Rights, Classic Literature and more! We are available year-round with tours in the Fall, Holidays, Winter, Spring and Summer. Visit our website: for a full listing or our available shows. Grade Levels K-12 Maximums 350 Students, 45 Minutes, 4/day Total Fee 1 Performance - $995 / 2 Performances (same day and same school) - $1,345 Technical Requirements We do not travel with our own microphones, but microphones are typically not required. Bright Star Residencies - 1-5 days Bright Star Residencies turn a performance into a true learning experience for students. Our 1 day, 3 day and 5 day residencies are custom designed to meet the needs of your students and teachers. Single Day residencies can include up to three shows and the rest of the day extends the actors to classroom visits for 20-25 minute drama games and extended Q&A. 3 Day Residencies allow all students to have a classroom experience with our teaching artists, and a 5 day residency includes multiple day experiences for a focus group plus single classes for the rest of the student body. Grade Levels K-12 Maximums Students (Varies), 45-50 Minutes, Varies/day Total Fee 1 Performance - $1995-$3995 Technical Requirements We do not travel with our own microphones, but microphones are typically not required. Bright Star Workshop Bright Star has a great add-on workshop option. Learn "Drama Games for the Classroom" to help students work on focus, listening, and performance skills. Fun for students and teachers alike, this workshop is a great addition to one of our shows for a focus group, drama club, or after school group. Grade Levels K-12 Maximums 30 Students, 45-50 Minutes, 6/day Total Fee $350 (when added to a show), $995 Technical Requirements Workshop space and chairs for participants.

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