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A Billy Jonas concert is an explosion of energy! In singalongs, bangalongs, whisperalongs, as well as improvised songs, his primary instrument is the audience. Billy’s original pieces are played on fanciful “industrial re-percussion” - instruments made from found objects. Billy has been an international performer and educator for over three decades. Who's Gonna Make Our Music?! (K-5) AND The Troubadour Tradition (6-12) WHO'S GONNA MAKE OUR MUSIC?! (K-5) - Participation is the name of the game. Concerts include sing-alongs, bang-alongs, and an improvised song with audience suggestions. Instruments include voice, guitar and recycled "re-percussion" instruments made from found and foraged objects. This show proves to each and every student that they are indeed a musician. Themes include ecological awareness, community connection, personal responsibility and various curriculum-related songs. Billy's concerts inform and inspire students to be aware of the environment around them, including one another. THE TROUBADOUR TRADITION (6-12) - A concert, presented in lecture-demo style; the role of the singer/songwriter throughout history. Billy's original songs and improvisation will help students gain an understanding of the role of the 'musician/storyteller/new bearer' in various cultures. Students participate actively in each song with rhythm, movement and singing. Grade Levels K-5 Maximums 350 Students, 45-50 minutes, 2/day Total Fee 1 performance- $750 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1300 School Portion 1 performance- $413 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $715 References Ragen Carlile, United Arts Council of Wake County, 919-839-1498, April Bartley, Swift Creek Elementary, Website

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