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Billy Jonas

Assembly Performance, Workshop

  • Music

Service Description

Billy Jonas performs original songs, stories & improvisations with voice, guitar & ‘re-percussion’ instruments from found, foraged & recycled objects. He is known for highly engaging & energetic performances as he plants musical seeds to help grow creative, open-minded, engaged & open-hearted citizens. Using homemade & re-cyclable "re-percussion" instruments, songs celebrating community, personal & planetary ecology, his think-outside-the-box educational performances engage & inspire even the most reluctant students! His CDs and DVDs have garnered a New York Times “Best” listing & First Place Gold from the American Federation of Independent Musicians & multiple Parents’ Choice Gold Awards. Who's Gonna Make Our Music?! (K-5) This program is all about participation! Concerts include sing-a-longs, bang-a-longs, and an improvised song with audience suggestions. Instruments include voices, guitar and homemade, recyclable objects and instruments. This is a think-outside-the-box experience that leaves students with a reverence for the earth and the importance of recycling, as well as the knowledge that there is music and joy inside of each and every one of them! Themes include ecological awareness, community connection, and various curriculum-related songs. In-person and virtual options are available for this program. Grade Levels K-5 Maximums 400 Students, 45-50 minutes, 2/day Technical Requirements Mr. Jonas will provide all sound for indoor performances. He will need an electrical outlet and heavy duty extension cord. Total Fee 1 performance- $750 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1300 Workshop - Music Form Anything In this workshop, students will create original instruments and musical sculptures from recyclable and found objects. The goals of this workshop are that students will engage in the creative process by designing and constructing an original instrument of their own creation; students will discover that everyone is a musician and that music can be made anywhere, anytime, with anyone and anything. In-person and virtual options are available for this program. Grade Levels K-5 Maximums 30 Students, 60 minutes, 4/day Technical Requirements Electrical outlet and heavy duty extension cord. Total Fee $350 / must be scheduled with a performance or can be scheduled as 4 workshops in one day / $1300 for 4 workshops in one day Website

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