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Bella Venti

Assembly Performance

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Service Description

Bella Venti is a professional woodwind quintet performing in Southeastern North Carolina. Bella Venti feels that students should be exposed to professional ensembles of all sizes. It is our belief that small ensembles propagate high levels of musical artistry because musicians of small ensembles have to learn how to communicate verbally, non-verbally, and react immediately to changes in the music. Learning these skills brings a heightened musical awareness back to the students’ school ensembles and non-musical classes. Assembly Performance - Woodwind Quintet: How instruments of the woodwind family work together Opening piece is a fiery Latin song that introduces the woodwind quintet by grabbing the attention of the audience and keeping it. The individual musicians will introduce and talk about their respective instruments and how they play a role in the woodwind quintet. The Program then continues with more Latin flavor, slowing down for a new perspective on Latin music and ending with a monstrous return to Latin fire. Grade Levels K-12 Maximums Unlimited Students, 45-50 minutes, 2/day Technical Requirements PA system, microphone, 5 armless chairs Total Fee 1 performance- $1,200 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,200 Website

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