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Andre Sansbury Jr./ Lost Voices Poetic

Assembly Performance, Workshop

  • Literary

Service Description

Lost Voices is a poetry organization built on the foundation of positivity, healing, and inspiration. Once a misguided child, our Chief Executive Officer dedicated himself to creating an organization that could guide individuals away from some of the troubling paths he took, which included alcoholism, drug abuse, and a lot of trips in the back of cop cars. After deciding to use his passion for poetry to inspire others, he embarked on a journey to surround himself with individuals of different backgrounds and struggles who shared his same passion for writing and public speaking. We look to create a culture of healing through passion and share our experiences through poetry. Assembly Performance - Purpose Through Poetry Includes an introduction skit using poetry to catch the audience’s attention. Following the introduction skit is the introduction of the individuals performing. We then use poetry to educate and motivate for the next 35-45 minutes with the inclusion of questions to keep the crowd engaged. At the end we open the floor for final questions and remarks, followed by pictures if allowed by the organization. Different packages can include mental health awareness, stress management, diversity and inclusion, social justice, peer pressure elimination, ACES, poetry education, or a combination of all. Grade Levels 6-12 Maximums 1,500 Students, 60 minutes, 5/day Special Populations Special needs students Technical Requirements Microphone, microphone stand, PA System Total Fee 1 performance- $850 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,500 Workshop - Purpose Through Poetry Focuses solely on the art of poetry. This program is designed to educate individuals on how to read, write, and enjoy poetry in its purest forms. Most educational systems teach poetry in a basic structured program in which creates a lifelong resentment to the art. We give poetry a different feel that motivates individuals to use it for the many benefits it possesses. Once you bring poetry to life, it excites individuals instead of boring them like most traditional systems. Grade Levels 6-12 Maximums 150 Students, 60 minutes, 3/day Special Populations Special needs students Technical Requirements Desk or writing areas, open floor plan to engage Total Fee 1 performance- $1,250 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $2,000

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