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Bella Venti

Bella Venti

The Bella Venti Woodwind Quintet is a professional woodwind quintet comprised of band directors and musicians from various walks of life.


Minimum number of performances and/or workshops required for travel or hire:

2 performances

  • Assembly Performance:The Works of Pia1zolla

    Introduce the instruments of a woodwind quintet, perform various Piazolla pieces, and engage with students with formative assessment.

    Duration: 45-50 minutes

    Grade Level: Pre-K, Elementary School, Middle School, High School

    Maximum Number of Students: 400

    Maximum Number of Performances: 2

    Technical Requirements:

    • 5 armless chairs 
    • 1 microphone 

    NC Essential Standards: 4.MR.1.4 and 4.MR. 1.1

    Cost: $500 - one program / $1,000 - two programs (same school, same day)

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