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African American Dance Ensemble

African American Dance Ensemble

The African American Dance Ensemble, started by the late great, Dr. Charles "Chuck" Davis has dance and taught traditional African and African American Dance for over 40 years. Performing nationally and internationally. Teaching dance from the Gambia and West African regions, building communities and teaching Peace, Love, Respect for Everybody.


Minimum number of performances and/or workshops required for travel or hire:

2 performances

  • Assembly Performance:Breaking the CHains

    LecDem or Lecture Demonstration, where the Griot or Story teller explains the type of dance being performed. The program is set to help children break the chains of bullying, self-isolation and violence and to teach the strength of accepting the culture of all. The program also entails full participation from staff and students, helping them to understand, that dancing and music is the common bond that brings us all together. It includes a performance by the musicians and explanation of the types of drums and instruments that are being used in the performance.

    Duration: 45-50 minutes

    Grade Level: Pre-K, Elementary School, Middle School, High School

    Maximum Number of Students: No max

    Maximum Number of Performances: 3

    Technical Requirements:

    • 1 microphone
    • 3 chairs
    • no concrete flooring

    NC Essential Standards: NCES.EEE.C.1 - Use creative strategies to solve problems.

    Cost: $1900 - one program / $2,800 - two programs (sames school, same day)


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