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Relaunch of the Arts Council’s websites improve the community’s connection to Arts and Culture

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

[Fayetteville, North Carolina] – Where community and culture connect, the Arts Council of Fayetteville|Cumberland County (Arts Council) relaunches their improved and fully-functional organizational websites as part of its digital restructuring plan to strengthen and monetize communication and branding efforts for the agency.

The Arts Council’s Marketing Department have completed the strategic redesign of and websites to support the progression of Cumberland County’s vibrant and flourishing arts community and to stimulate tourism by digitally enhancing its connection to the cultural identity of the arts and entertainment district in the Cape Fear Region.

The newly designed, user-friendly, and easy navigational websites merge arts education, cultural interests, capacity building opportunities, and the business of arts and culture into a centralized platform that offers visitors a streamlined, uncluttered, and comprehensive digital link to “all things arts and culture” in our local community and in the region. The websites feature informative and engaging content that feeds into the lifestyles of each viewer by connecting them to artistic opportunities, resources and funding, attractions, live entertainment, and events all related to the arts.

The Arts Council plays a crucial role in facilitating the impact of arts and culture on the vitality of the city of Fayetteville and Cumberland County but has faced challenges with establishing its identity through platforms that help tell its story. Improving the organizational websites marked the beginning of a larger digital restructuring plan that helps the agency extend its ability to reach more diverse demographics. Improvements included monetizing its social media footprint, rebuilding its contact management database, updating its search engine optimization and business profile, and implementing digital targeting tactics to broaden its reach.

“Arts and culture are vital to the growth of our community through education, tourism, and economic development,” said Bob Pinson, Arts Council’s Interim President and CEO. “Our digital expansion now tells the story of the Arts Council’s work so that communities will know who we are, what we do, and our involvement with local art programs, projects, and events.”

As the primary steward of public and private funding for arts, cultural, and historical activities in the Cape Fear Region, website primarily serves as the Arts Council’s organizational and business operations site. Site features include:

Arts Council News

  • Press release listing of organizational news and announcements about the Arts Council and its programs, projects, and events.

The Arts Center Gallery

  • Press release listing of current and past gallery exhibitions and art-based workshops held at The Arts Center.

Grants & Allocations

  • Listing of grant programs offered by the Arts Council that give nonprofit organizations, municipal entities, or individual artists access to funding for cultural arts programs, activities, or events in Cumberland County.

  • Arts education programs offered by the Arts Council that give students at public and private schools in Cumberland County and Fort Bragg various creative arts and cultural experiences.

About The Arts Council

  • Arts Council’s mission statement and the development of the arts sector across the Cape Fear Region.

  • Listing of Arts Council staff, Board of Trustees, and affiliated Voting Member Groups.

  • Arts And Economic Prosperity 5 Report: Insight into the economic impact of nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences in Cumberland County.

Support The ARTS

  • Donation and membership opportunities with the Arts Council.

  • Schedule a group tour of The Arts Center or reserve space to conduct an art-based workshop or class.

As an extension site of, was originally launched in 2019 focusing on affiliated projects and events coordinated by local cultural agencies. Now in its restructured stage, the website functions as a centralized link to the arts scene of our community listing a robust catalogue of arts and cultural programs, projects, and events of the Arts Council and local cultural agencies. Through its continual development, the primary objective of the website is to feed into the artistic lifestyles, interests, and professional growth of multidisciplinary artists and general art enthusiasts. Site features include:

The Arts Center Gallery

  • Listing of upcoming gallery exhibitions and art calls at The Arts Center.

Upcoming Community Events

  • Listing of affiliated projects and events coordinated by local cultural agencies.

Explore The Arts

  • Under construction. Artists will explore the lifestyles of multidisciplinary categories of interest. Features will include artist and art agency spotlights, links to articles and opportunities, talent referral directory, etc.


  • Site pages of curated exhibitions hosted at The Arts Center.

Public Art

  • Site pages of various public art installations by the Arts Council or affiliated projects.


  • Site pages of Arts Council events held throughout the year.

arts+culture Calendar

  • Robust listing of local, regional, and national arts and cultural programs, projects, conferences, and events of the Arts Council and art agencies.

Artist Opportunities

  • Listing of various art/performance calls, conferences, professional development, grants, and residency opportunities to help increase artist exposure and elevate their creative brand and careers.


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If you have questions regarding and websites, contact:

Christy McNeil, Director of Marketing



The Arts Council of Fayetteville|Cumberland County is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization based in Fayetteville, NC that supports individual creativity, cultural preservation, economic development, and lifelong learning through the ARTS. As a primary steward of public and private funding for arts, cultural, and historical activities in the Cape Fear Region, all affiliated programs of the Arts Council exemplify our five core values: Excellence, Accountability, Transparency, Collaborations, and Innovation.

Grants, programs, and services of the Arts Council are funded in part by contributions from community partners, and through grants from the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, and the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural & Cultural Resources.


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