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Animation Madness is taking over the Fayetteville art scene at the “Hoodlin-ville Art Show”

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

[Fayetteville, North Carolina] – Mayday… mayday… the Hoodlins are coming! I repeat… the Hoodlins are coming! The art takeover is REAL! The Hoodlins are taking Fayetteville under siege! They are mischievous. Full of madness. Completely out of control. Come see what the mania is all about at the “Hoodlin-ville Art Show” on display April 7 - May 20, 2023, at The Arts Center. The exhibit is free and open for public viewing.

Editorial by BigFooters, LLC, and in part by Christy McNeil, Arts Council of Fayetteville

Grab the kids, hide the pets, and duck for cover. The Los Angeles based brand ‘Hoodlin Mania’ produced by the BigFooters, LLC have unleashed these cute, colorful, and cuddly animated creatures throughout the art show. Don’t be fooled by what you see. The Hoodlins are hell-bent on a hostile takeover of the whole Fayetteville art scene. They are bold and destructive in nature. There are millions of them. In all shapes and sizes.

Despite their kooky ways, the Hoodlins appeared in the web series “The Ratchet Raychel Show” as the main characters' sidekick. Now they have gone ‘Hollywood’, taking center stage in various art shows, music projects, and marketing collaborations. This is only the beginning of their diabolical plan to take over the world! So, get to know Ratchet Raychel’s favorite minions and join their takeover.

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Introducing the masterminds behind the mayhem. Meet BigFooters LLC, designers and producers of the original animated artwork that shows the vibrant and zany nature of the Hoodlins with their buffoonish and wacky-tacky antics.

Brandon Dean Johnson

Founder of BigFooters LLC

A native of Fayetteville, NC, Brandon is an artist, producer, and entrepreneur. His talents in animation have been showcased through Disney, Warner Bros, Dreamworks, and many other media conglomerates. His newest and biggest project has been creating the web series Ratchet Raychel along with the Hoodlin Mania brand. The Hoodlins are one of the many properties that Brandon has created through BigFooters.

"My art is an expression of my passion for all things animated, cartoonish, and pop culture related,” states Brandon Dean Johnson, founder of BigFooters LLC and creator of the Hoodlins. “Through vivid colors, bold lines, and dynamic compositions, I’ve created the Hoodlins, which reflects the whimsical and vibrant energy I grew up loving. By combining the elements of animation and pop art, my BigFooter’s team strives to make the Hoodlin brand captivating. It is our hope that our artwork will spark joy and, one day, be enjoyed worldwide!”

Nattanapat Jordan

Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Nattanapat is an artist located in Los Angeles. She is experienced in conceptual art for animation with more than 3 years of total industry experience. Trained in figurative art and designs for entertainment, her skill set includes both traditional and digital mediums such as photoshop, procreate, clip studio, and blender.

Justin Babb

A native of southern California, Justin is an American painter, storyboard artist, and illustrator. His art has been previously featured by various galleries throughout Oakland and Minneapolis.

Matt Jordan

Located in Los Angeles, Matt is a concept artist and illustrator with professional experience designing animation and games. He also shares his skills and knowledge through teaching, hoping to inspire the next generation of creatives.

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All media and the general public are cordially invited to attend the Opening Reception for the “Hoodlin-ville Art Show” on April 7, 2023, from 6pm to 9pm at The Arts Center located at 301 Hay Street in Historic Downtown Fayetteville. Free to attend (RSVP not required).

Members of the BigFooter’s team from Los Angeles will be in-gallery for interview opportunities. Attendees can purchase the Hoodlin artwork along with promotional clothing, prints, and stickers.


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