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Work in Progress

Work in Progress is a temporary public art exhibition gifted to the Fayetteville community through private donors and matched with Arts Council funding.

Interested in sponsoring a work for  Works in Progress 3? Click here!

Work In Progress III Map


Special thanks to our donors:

Blackwell & Edwards, PA
Tony and Joanne Chavonne
Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
Ashton Fox
Noelio Gonzalez
Danny and Suzanne Hesseltine
John Malzone
Dr. Daniel A. McInnis
Eric and Rhonda Nobles
Olde Fayetteville Insurance
Hank and Diane Parfitt
Mike and Amy Samperton
Nate Webster
Mayon and Mackie Weeks Family

Artwork in the current in current installation can be enjoyed daily through September 2019.

Take a look back at Work in Progress II (2017-2018).


Arts Council map

Ben Pierce

Painted Steel and Wood

301 Hay Street, Arts Council


Ice Pops

Craig Gray

Steel, Stucco

Cross Creek Commons


300 Hay St map

Christian Happel

Steel, Fiberglass

300 Hay St


City Hall map

Noelio Gonzalez

Painted Steel

City Hall (433 Hay St)


City Hall map

Nnamdi Okonkwo


City Hall (433 Hay St)

Winged Glory

Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation map

Jack Howard-Potter

Powder Coated Steel

Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation (rear entrance - 500 Hay St)

Flat Lander

Festival Park map

Richard Pitts

Powder Coated Aluminum

Festival Park


St. James Square map

Hanna Jubran

Painted Steel

St. James Square (325 Green St)

Old School

Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau map

Wayne Vaughn

Steel with Patina

Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (245 Person St)

Sunrise, Sunset

Courthouse Triangle map

Jordan Parah

Painted Steel

Courthouse Triangle

Sundown/Off Belay

Historic Courthouse map

Joe Coats

Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Historic Courthouse (130 Gillespie St)


Market House NW Corner map

Christian Happel

Steel, Stainless Steel

Market House NW Corner (Hay and Green Streets)


Jonathan Bowling

Repurposed Steel

106 Hay Street

Dream Home

Jordan Krutsch

Painted Steel

Anderson Street