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Public Art

From temporary public art programs such as Work In Progress to the permanent works in the North Carolina Veterans Park that represent all 100 counties in North Carolina, the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County has a long history of facilitating public art for the community.

Current public art projects in progress include:

The Arts Council works on behalf of the community through collaborations with local government. The goal of these partnerships is to use art as means to enhance economic and community development, drive tourism and create access for all to cultural assets.

Current Public Art in our Community

Work In Progress

This temporary public art progress exhibition is gifted to the Fayetteville community through private donors and matched with Arts Council funding.

Veteran's Park

North Carolina Veterans Park

Hand castings from all 100 North Carolina counties are only one type of public art you can experience at the first state park dedicated to all military veterans.

Massey Hill Heritage Discovery Project

Both neighbors and citizens, non-profits and government agencies come together for the common goal of The Massey Hill Heritage Discovery Project.

Water Cistern (FAST Center)

The FAST Center map

By Jim Gallucci

Made of powdered steel

Click here for more information

Infantry Monument

Monument & Gravesite of Isaac Hammond

Cross Creek Cemetery map

Isaac Hammond was the first Company fifer in the Revolutionary War and free black man.

LaFayette Statue

Marquis de Lafayette Statue

Cross Creek Park map

The Marquis de Lafayette statue was commissioned by the Lafayette Society in 1983. The city of Fayetteville is named for the Marquis de Lafayette.

Angel of Hope

Angel of Hope Statue

Cross Creek Park map

The statue is the centerpiece for the "Angel of Hope" Memorial Service.  Held each year on December 6, the service is held for families whose children were loved, lost, but will never be forgotten.


Cumberland County Library - Headquarters Branch map

The sculpture, weighing 10,000 pounds, features six slabs of marble arranged in such a way to create a window view of the library.  Click here to learn more about the Cumberland County Library's art collection.

StarGate 2003

Star Gate 2003

Cumberland County Library - Headquarters Branch map

Primarily made of aluminum and stainless steel, the Star Gate 2003, sculpture that is suspended between two 100’ poles above the fountain at the roundabout at Maiden Lane, Fayetteville, NC

Star Voyager

Fayetteville Regional Airport map

At the entrance of the World's Fair.

Bronze Bronco

Bronze Bronco

Fayetteville State University map

Standing 7' feet tall, two Bronze Bronco Statues located at the corner of Langdon and Murchison Road.

Sprint Voyager

Sprint Voyager

This piece of art is a telephone company cell tower for which Sprint won an award as the “most creative cite concealment of a tower.” It was also noted as “the height of ingenuity” in the New York Times Magazine.

American Flag 1

Festival Park map

The 12-by-45-foot American flag was created in 2013.

American Legion Post flag mural

American Flag 2

American Legion Post 202 map

It is estimated that it took 15 to 20 gallons of paint to cover the Post 202 wall. (The Fayetteville Observer)

Iron Mike

Iron Mike (original)

Airborne and Special Operations Museum map

Created in 1961 to honor the airborne trooper, Iron Mike represents those soldiers whose courage, dedication and traditions make them the world’s finest fighting men.  The rocks forming the statue’s base have great significance. They were brought from Currahee Mountain near Camp Toccoa in Georgia where the first paratroopers were trained. Paratroopers would run three miles up and three miles down this mountain for training. 

Constant Vigilance - Special Operations Force Dog Memorial

Airborne and Special Operations Museum map

The bronze monument on a granite base depicts a life-size Belgian Malinois in a sitting position, vigilante, with ears perked and wearing his full deployment kit. The monument was placed as a symbol of respect and mourning for Special Operations Force (SOF) dogs that have perished in the line of duty since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

General Shelton Statue

General Hugh Shelton Statue

Airborne and Special Operations Museum map

The statue of General Hugh Shelton depicts him in Vietnam-era uniform and gear. It stands 10-feet tall, weighs almost 1,800 pounds and stands on 6-feet tall polished black granite base.

Iron Mike (replica)

This statue is a replica of one created in 1961 made of polyester and steel. Iron Mike – In honor of the airborne trooper, Iron Mike represents those soldiers whose courage, dedication and traditions make them the world’s finest fighting men.

Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor

In 1994, Dorothy Fielder enlisted the help of FSU art instructor, the now deceased Francis Baird, to create the mural. What was a graffiti-covered eyesore now tells the history of the people of the neighborhood and includes the faces of modern black heroes of the community.

Mural at the Fayetteville Visitors' Center


Fayetteville Area Visitors & Convention Bureau map

The mural, created in 2013 by art students at Fayetteville State University, is a visual representation of "What is Cumberland County?"

Martin Luther King statue

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park map

A sculpture of Dr. King, a fountain, a picnic pavilion and open space are the beginnings for the 13 acres of land commemorating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Ghost Tower

Museum of the Cape Fear - Arsenal Park map

The Ghost Tower a replica of one of the Arsenal original towers located at Arsenal Park, part of the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex. Monument in front of Museum Dedicated 1928 by the NC Historical Commission & J.E.B. Stuart Chapter of United Daughters of Confederacy.

Elevated Visions

Elevated Visions

Methodist University - Bethune Center for Visual Arts map
DNA statue


Methodist University - Hendricks Science Complex map

This sculpture represents the double helix model for the structure of DNA.

PI statue


Methodist University - Hendricks Science Complex map

The Greek letter is used to identify an important ratio in mathematics.


by Jonathan Bowling

Repurposed Steel



Tree of Good and Evil

Arts Council Parking Lot (Maxwell St) map

Charles Pilkey

Painted Steel, Bronze


Art Park map

by David McCune

Galvanized Aluminum, Stainless Steel


The Coffee Cup map

by Jonathan Bowling

Repurposed Steel

Natural Embrace

Person Street Plaza map

by Paul Hill

Corten Steel

Two Witnesses

Cumberland County Courthouse map

by Shawn Morin

Bronze, Granite, Steel


Back of The Capitol Encore Academy map

Mural by Dare Coulter

143 feet long and 23 feet tall