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Zak Morgan

Assembly Performance

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Service Description

Zak Morgan is literally entertaining! His work inspires & tickles the funny bones of students preschool through older elementary who enthusiastically join in the fun. Zak began writing stories in elementary school & honed his writing in college earning a B.A. in English. He has worked for a publisher, immersed in children's literature. His first CD “Bloom” received several awards and his second CD “When Bullfrogs Croak” was nominated for a GRAMMY. Zak’s wit has been compared to Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. His programs are filled with musical stories, laughter & warmth, encouraging children to learn through reading, imagination, the wonders of nature & science, & believing in themselves. Assembly Performance: READ and BLOOM! READ AND BLOOM encourages learning through reading skills, facts included in the songs, imagination & self confidence. Each original song is a story filled with wordplay & positive messages. Many of the stories are about Zak’s own childhood. Lyrics & songs are rich with new vocabulary. Students use their voices, creativity & body movements to join in the fun. Two study guides offer activities for music education & arts integration with life science facts, literary devices, reading skills & confidence building & 13 lessons are available to support creative writing & reading comprehension. Grade Levels PK-5 Maximums 400 Students, 45-50 minutes, 2/day Technical Requirements Zak will provide sound. He will need access to an electrical outlet. Total Fee 1 performance- $700 / 2 performances - $1,300 Assembly Performance: THE WONDER OF IT ALL (Science Through Musical Stories) Science is exciting & all around us. With humor & wordplay, Zak points out the wonder of the natural world & shows how he uses technology to bring ideas to life. This interactive musical celebration of science teaches pitch, frequency, magnetic fields & amplification. Students witness electrons in action with Zak’s hilarious plasma ball & Van de Graaff generator and watch him change the frequency & amplitude of sound waves with a theremin & musical saw. And, as in all Zak’s programs, they are encouraged to be curious & confident in this fun & memorable introduction to the wonders of science. Grade Levels K-5 Maximums 400 Students, 45-50 minutes, 2/day Technical Requirements Zak will provide sound if driving to school. He needs access to 2 electrical outlets. Total Fee 1 performance- $700 / 2 performances - $1,300 Website

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