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Music, ELA, Info & Technology, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies

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Service Description

Zig Wajler is an author/musician who offers Hands On with Zig interactive cross-curricular music-based performances. For twenty-five years the trusted and proven programs have been presented to over 1,000 schools and organizations throughout America. His various multicultural world-beat and contemporary themed events are designed to educate and inspire lives by enhancing student achievement and encouraging critical thinking by integrating strategies as related to real-world applications. Zig’s innovative approach addresses the diversity of student learning styles resulting in an engaged, meaningful, positive, and enjoyable experience through the Arts. Each of Zig’s programs reinforce State and National Music Standards, and reference/connect Standards for Math, English, Science and History/Social Studies through an engaging cultural arts experience.

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  • 301 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC, USA