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Didgeridoo Down Under is one of the most popular educational entertainment companies in the U.S. We offer a variety of in-person and virtual shows, workshops and residencies. Our program themes range from Australian cultural arts to science, literacy, character building and more. Since 2003, we’ve presented 8,000+ programs at schools and other venues nationwide, and we’re based in North Carolina. Residency: Make & Play the Australian Didgeridoo! (3-12) This amazing cultural arts experience includes two to five full days of didgeridoo immersion. The residency kicks off with the DDU show and includes the same learning experience as the Aussie Funk Jam, plus more advanced didgeridoo rhythms and playing techniques. The residency culminates with a mini-performance, in which the students are the musical stars! Grade Levels 3rd-12th Maximums Up to 1 or 2 full grade levels, up to one full grade level , 30-60 minutes per session; up to 6 sessions per day Special Populations The residency is appropriate for high-functioning special populations. Technical Requirements 2 tables and electrical access Total Fee 2 days $3000; 3 days $4000; 4 days $5000; 5 days $6000 School Portion 2 days - $1,000/ 3 days- $1,335 / 4 days - $1,666 / 5 days - $2,000 Workshop: Aussie Funk Jam - Learn to Play the Didgeridoo! (2-12) The didgeridoo is an Aboriginal musical instrument with an otherworldly sound that’s as exotic as its name. In this interactive program, participants use our beginner didegridoos and learn how to vocalize and create simple rhythm, learn the fundamental concepts of circular breathing, learn about Australia and Aboriginal culture. Grade Levels 2nd-12th Maximums 60 Students, 45-60 minutes per workshop, whatever works best for the school Special Populations This program is appropriate for high-functioning special populations. Technical Requirements 2 tables and electrical access Total Fee 1 performer $386, 2 performers $550** workshop is only available w/ performance or multiple workshops ** School Portion 1 workshop with 1 performer - $193 / 1 workshop with 2 performers - $275 *only available w/ performance or multiple workshops* References Gerald Hernandez, Jr., , E.E. Miller Elementary, 910-868-2800 , geraldhernandez@ccs.k12.nc.us Kimberly Bakhakh, Ed V. Baldwin Elementary, 910-424-0145 , kimberlybakhakh@ccs.k12.nc.us Andi Webb, Alderman Road Elementary , 910-321-0398 , roliewebb@ccs.k12.nc.us Website www.didgedownunder.com

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