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Theatre, Phys Ed., Science, Social Studies

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Service Description

Dan Kamin performs worldwide for theatres, arts festivals, symphony orchestras and schools. He created the physical comedy sequences for CHAPLIN and BENNY AND JOON, and trained Robert Downey, Jr. and Johnny Depp for their acclaimed starring performances. He also played the wooden Indian that came to life in the cult classic CREEPSHOW 2, and created the Martian girl’s weird movement for Tim Burton’s horror spoof MARS ATTACKS! His school assembly programs introduce students to the power of live theatre. Dan provides comprehensive teacher guides that provide teachers with ample opportunities to channel students’ excitement into classroom activities to build critical thinking and language skills. Virtual Presentation: SHAZOOM! (Grades K-12) Dan responded to the Covid crisis by creating a mind-bending performance of eye-popping online magic called SHAZOOM! It’s up close and personal, and it beams from Dan’s Magic Parlor directly to your school. Interested? Just say the magic word—SHAZOOM!—and tune in. Grade Levels K-12 Maximums 4 workshops per day / 25 Students , 60 Minutes Technical Requirements Zoom. The one-hour program can be extended with a 45-minute Q&A/workshop for an additional $250, during which Dan will teach students several magic tricks. Total Fee Virtual Presentation- $550/ $826 School Portion Virtual Presentation- $275/ $413 References Mary Leb, Chuck Mathena CMC, (304) 646-1450, mary@cmc.org Sheila Markley, C. L. Hoover Opera House, (785) 238-3906, development@jcoperahouse.org Kristen Weixel, St. Francis University Upward Bound Program , (814) 421-1629, krweixel@francis.edu Website http://www.dankamin.com/

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  • 301 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC, USA