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Alex Weiss is a multi-instrumentalist, world traveler, music educator and storyteller who has been performing professionally since 1970. Alex’s versatility on trumpet, hand drums and recorders are enhanced by his knowledge and love of African & Latin music, as well as jazz, blues and American folk traditions. Residency: A Journey from Africa to the Americas A multi cultural voyage from Africa to the Caribbean and through the Americas using music and storytelling. There is a special focus on indigenous cultures of these diverse regions. American folk music, blues and jazz also compliment this residency. Each session culminates with a hands-on orchestrated jam with instruments and rhythms derived from the selected culture. This is a highly adaptive residency incorporating composition techniques, social studies, poetry, history, mathematical concepts and music. This residency can be enhanced with a Different Drum performance incorporating what the students have learned and involving their participation. Grade Levels K-12 Maximums 3 to 4 classes per day, 45-50 minutes Total Fee 4 day residency/3 classes per day - $1350 / 4 day residency/4 classes per day - $2,200 School Portion 4 day residency/3 classes per day - $450 / 4 day residency/4 classes per day - $734 Virtual Program: A Journey from Africa to the Americas Alex and the ensemble will take you on a fun journey tying together history, culture and music as the path leads from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas. Generally focusing on the rhythms and music of the African Diaspora but our presentation can include music of the Incas and the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Clap alongs and storytelling also goes along on the journey. This program is adaptable to specific school needs. Grade Levels K-12 Maximums 40 minutes / One week access Technical Requirements YouTube Total Fee $770 School Portion $385 References Laurel Stolte, South West Elementary School, 919-636-3728, Deb Taylor, Family Resource Center, Website

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