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2021-2022 Returning Artist Application

  Instructions for returning artists who were accepted into 2020-2021 Directory:

  1. View/Update your artist profile by selecting your artist profile on the Accepted/Returning Artist Search
    1. Enter your name in the box next to “Or enter all or part of an artist's name”.
    2. Choose "edit aritst" to make any changes to your artist profile.
    3. Use password provided by Arts Council. If you do not have a password, please contact us.
  2. View/Update your artist programs by selecting "update programs"
  3. Add new artist programs by selecting "add new program"

All edits are subject to review by ACFCC.

  Instructions for new artists seeking entry into 2020-2021 Directory:

  1. Create your artist profile on the New Artist Profile Form
  2. Once profile is created, add new artist programs by selecting "add new program"