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Mini Grants Program


Deadline to apply for the Mini Grant Program is September 24, 2021, for an October 2021 project start date. 
Questions regarding the Mini Grant application or your proposal, contact:
Michael Houck
Director of Grants and Allocations


Mini-Grant applicants can be a nonprofit organization, municipality, or artist operating or residing in Cumberland County.  An individual or group of artists may apply for a Mini Grant if they are based in Cumberland County and the funded project also occurs in Cumberland County.  Schools are generally not considered for Mini-Grant applications and should refer to the Artists in Schools program for consideration.  Organizations that are ineligible to receive funding through other Arts Council grant mechanisms due to unfulfilled grant requirements may not apply for a Mini-Grant.

Applicants may apply for more than one Mini-Grant in the same fiscal year but cannot be awarded for the same project in the same fiscal year.

Download the Complete Mini-Grant Guidelines HERE.

 Projects funded by a Mini Grant must be open to the public.  Mini Grant projects can occur in any cultural art form and must be completed within six (6) months from the date of award. Any project that has previously been reviewed twice by an Arts Council grants panel or Grants Assessment Committee and was not funded is ineligible for a Mini Grant.

All virtual/online projects must use artists whose primary residence is Cumberland County.

Fundraisers for non-arts and cultural nonprofits are not eligible for Mini Grants.

•    Mini-Grant awards will not exceed $2,000.00.
•    Mini-Grants can support artist fees, project supplies/materials, contracted services, some marketing, space/equipment rental, etc.
•    Mini-Grants can request the use of the Arts Council for specific purposes related to the project.
•    No more than 20% of the Mini-Grant award can be used for marketing/outreach expenses.

Mini-Grant applications may be submitted anytime but must be received by the corresponding deadline. 

•    June 25, 2021 – July 2021 Project Start Date
•    September 24, 2021 – October 2021 Project Start Date
•    December 15, 2021 – January 2022 Project Start Date
•    March 25, 2022 – April 2022 Project Start Date.

Applicants may be asked to attend the Grants Assessment Committee meeting to answer questions about their proposed project before a grant is awarded. 

Applications are evaluated on:

•    Quality of arts, history, or culture project, activity, or event.
•    Feasibility of project - including the budget, potential Cumberland County community impact, and the need for support.
•    Past performance as an Arts Council grantee (where applicable).
•    Requests for use of space at the Arts Council Arts Council are dependent on availability.
•    Preference may be given to Mini Grant applications that are submitted from organizations of color or that are submitted by or employ artists of color.