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Municipal Arts Allocation


Cultural arts enrich the lives of our citizens. They educate, inspire, entertain, and provide significant opportunities for economic development.   

The purpose of Municipal Arts Allocations is to increase access to arts, cultural and historical programming in municipalities outside the City of Fayetteville in Cumberland County.  Allocations range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the population size of the municipality.  

Municipal Arts Allocations are not competitive and do not require a match. 

For additional informaotin about Municipal Arts Allocations, contact Sarah Busman at

2021-2022 Municipal Arts Allocations support projects that take place between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022.   

The intent of the program is to encourage municipalities to focus on projects, activities, or events that: 

   1.    Produce or present arts, cultural and historical projects, activities, or events.
   2.    Address or respond to the traditional arts and cultural diversity of the community.
   3.    Create economic development opportunities that support the creative economy through arts, culture, or history.

Examples of eligible projects include heritage festivals, public art projects, theater, concerts, and educational programs such as workshops, lectures, and residencies led by cultural arts professionals. 

When requested, Arts Council staff will assist local officials in defining eligible cultural arts projects, activities, and/or events.  

Municiple Allocations are only available to governmental municipalities outside the City of Fayetteville that are located in Cumberland County. Allocation amounts depend on the population of the municipality (see Guidelines for more information).

Municipal Arts Allocation Request Application is due AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR to the project, activity, or event start date. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER DECEMBER 1, 2021

Municipalities that do not request an Allocation by December 1, 2021, must apply for competitive funding through the Arts Council’s Mini-Grant initiative.  Please refer to the Mini-Grant guidelines for more information. 

Required Documents for Request: 

•    Completed Application Form.
•    Resumes of arts/culture/history professionals and key personnel (if applicable).
•    One copy of work sample that demonstrates quality of any cultural professional’s work, if allocation funds support an artist fee (if applicable).

Changes or modifications to the scope of work of a project, activity, or event must be approved in advance by Arts Council staff. 

Q: What makes a strong cultural arts project, activity, or event for my community? 

•    Programs that respond to the racial and cultural diversity of the community.
•    Programming of high artistic, cultural, or historic merit.
•    Projects, activities, or events that are new, creative, or unique to the community.
•    Use of professional artists or cultural professionals with appropriate compensation.
•    A diversity of participants, including persons or groups who have limited arts or cultural opportunities due to educational, geographic, cultural, physical, economic or other constraints.
•    Involvement of avocational and/or cultural arts professionals who represent the diversity of your municipality including people of color from all communities.
•    Working collaboratively and sharing resources with other community groups.
•    Planning with partner organizations and other key participants.
•    Effective marketing.


Q:  What expenses can I use allocation funds for? 

Municipal Arts Allocations can be used for program-related fees and contracts; marketing and advertising expenses; expendable supplies and materials that are related to the project; space rental, etc.  If you are unsure of the eligibility of an expense, please contact Michael Houck at or by calling (910) 323-1776. 


Q:  What assistance does the Arts Council provide to municipalities requesting support?

Arts Council staff will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your application before you submit it to the Arts Council for review. Please reach out when your application is completed and make an appointment by emailing Michael Houck at or by calling (910) 323-1776.