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Artists in Schools Program

The Arts Council’s Artists in Schools program offers subsidies – of 1/2 to 2/3 of artist fees! – to public and private schools in Cumberland County, including Fort Bragg.

The subsidy funds help cover artist residencies, assembly performances, workshops AND virtual/online engagements. Educational goals and standards are emphasized. Local, regional and national artists of all disciplines submit applications to our program. Artist applications are screened by experts and highlight strong educational material, artistic value and economic feasibility.

Artists are published in a directory made available to educators in eligible schools. School representatives apply for funding for one or more programs each school year.  Subsidy information and deadlines are included in the Artists In Schools Directory

Download a Subsidy application for AIS by clicking the link below.

Artist in Schools Subsidy Application

Artist in Schools Subsidy Application Deadline: FRIDAY - January 29, 2021

Please note: This is an application only and does not guarantee funding. 

Artists available for the AIS program are listed in the Artists in Schools Directory published annually by the Arts Council. The Artist in Schools program is comprised of multiple elements:

Artist Residencies – Residencies may vary depending on the needs of the school but generally last one to two weeks. During that time, the artist will work with a minimum of two and a maximum of five classes per day – sometimes in a single grade level. A residency creates a consistent relationship with the same students each day. The artist is expected to coordinate with educators to align with school's curriculum objectives.

Workshops – Workshops may engage a single class or multiple classes in a single grade level.  A workshop is similar to a Residency, but generally shorter in duration.

Assembly Performances - Assembly Performances vary depending on the needs of the school but usually consist of one or more performances - approximately an hour long for multiple classes of students.

Online/Virtual Engagements (NEW!) – Teaching artists offer various modes of engagement through Youtube, Zoom, Google Meet, and other online platforms offering instructional time for schools using a digital learning environment.  This option is also available to schools looking to minimize physical interaction with others.

Application Deadline: FRIDAY - January 29, 2021

Please note: This is an application only and does not guarantee funding. Applications are reviewed and awards are awarded based on the availability of funds and artist selection. 

2019-2020 Artist in Schools Participation:

  • Brentwood Elementary School
  • Cliffdale Elementary School
  • College Lakes Elementary
  • Cumberland County High Schools AIG Program
  • Cumberland International Early College High School
  • Douglas Byrd High School
  • Eastover Central Elementary School
  • Ed V. Baldwin Elementary School
  • Elizabeth Cashwell Elementary
  • Fayetteville Academy
  • Glendale Acres Elementary School
  • Gray's Creek Elementary School
  • Howard Learning Center
  • J.W. Coon Elementary
  • Jack Britt High School
  • Kimberly Hampton Primary School
  • Lake Rim Elementary School
  • Lucille Saunders Elementary
  • Manchester Elementary
  • Margaret Willis Elementary - Methodist Kids Association
  • Margaret Willis Elementary School
  • Mary McArthur Elementary School
  • Max Abbott Middle School
  • Montclair Elementary
  • Ponderosa Elementary
  • Seventy-first Classical Middle School
  • South View High School
  • St. Patrick Catholic School
  • Stedman Primary
  • Stoney Point Elementary School
  • Sunnyside Elementary
  • W.T. Brown Elementary
  • Walker Spivey Elementary 

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