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Revelations: 50 Years of Painting
Works by Dwight Smith
Exhibition is open NOW through September 11th, 2021
The Arts Center  |  301 Hay Street
Free To Attend
Abstract expressionism can communicate an idea or a feeling… Dwight Smith invites you to explore his 50-year retrospect of abstract expressionism through mixed media paintings and drawings that are influenced by African and African American culture. Revelations: 50 Years of Painting, Works by Dwight Smith cronicles his timeline combining iconic symbolism with his celebration of life and history. 
“My visual practice involves a continued investigation in the art making processes of painting, drawing and mixed media collage. The works celebrate life, family, histories, and tributes to artists. I continue to express certain social realities concerning the world around me, while exploring aesthetic qualities of being black in America and addressing the literal ideas of contemporary blackness in abstraction. Elements from African sculptural art, designs, Adinkra symbols and fabric motifs still act as a catalyst to bring forth the artistic voice in my work, as a nonrepresentational artist.”
- Dwight Smith 


A Candid Converation Exploring Dwight Smith's 50-year Retrospect Of Contemporary Artwork
Join nationally renowned artist, Dwight Smith, for Artist Talk on Thursday, August 26th at 5pm at The Arts Center. All artists, art students, and the community are welcomed to attend this free public lecture.

Exhibition is supported by the Arts Council of Fayetteville | Cumberland County and the N.C. Arts Council.