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RAP Recipient - Artist Saundra Rubiera

Each year local artists apply and are awarded grants to take their professional careers to the next level. Visual Artist Sandra Rubiera was a 2016-2017 recipient of a Regional Artist Project Grant which allowed her to further her career through a series of exhibitions.

Here is how she describes her artwork:

“I am a Visual Artist and I have a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from East Carolina. The show consists of still life objects that are important to me – things that I have strong feelings for, objects that I use everyday. Things that I find in the house such as these little rabbits or a carving that my father did or flowers that I picked out of my garden or my husband’s camera.

I work in Primsa color markers and I start by drawing lightly in pencil, then I outline it with Prisma color markers and I go in and use wide markers to block the colors in. Then I erase everything except for what I need and then I go back in and put patterns. I’m really crazy mad about patterns and I really like to put one pattern on top of another patter. I try to keep space in the drawing. Instead of being deep so you look like you can walk into it, I try to keep the space completely flat.”

Regional Artist Project (RAP) Grants provide up to $2,500 in support to performing, literary, visual, and inter-disciplinary artist through funding projects that will significantly impact and advance their careers.

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