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Meet Sculptor Mark Krucke

Think of art is as the beginning of a conversation between artist and viewer, where artwork is a visual "hello". Viewers engage in that conversation by responding to the piece or to other viewers, often igniting other sparks of inspiration. We learned about the process behind bringing the the art to our community.

Several of the artists included in the Work in Progress II exhibition hail from the Carolinas and artist Mark Krucke is no exception. Originally from Ohio, sculptor Mark Krucke is a graduate of the University of North Carolina in Wilmington and has sculptures included in juried exhibitions throughout the Eastern United States.

His work initially focused on figures but has since evolved into pieces influenced by nature and its relationship with man. A piece reflecting nature is just what you will find both in Festival Park and in the circle by the Market House. Fortitude and Peak Between Trees reflect a curled leaf and a pair of trees, respectively.

When selecting the piece Fortitude for Festival Park, Eric Lindstrom, Chair of the Arts Council’s Public Art Committee stated ““Several jury members saw this as an upturned leaf so the placement of that in Festival Park with all the trees and the natural environment seemed like a really good fit. This piece was specifically selected for its look, but also the color to be placed in Festival Park.”

Ready to see these pieces for yourself?

Ready to see these pieces for yourself?

Learn more about all of the pieces in the current “Work in Progress” exhibition.

Are you curious about the pieces included in the inaugural run of the "Work in Progress" exhibition? Click here for a map of all 11 pieces.





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