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Meet Sculptor Hanna Jubran

Think of art is as the beginning of a conversation between artist and viewer, where artwork is a visual "hello". Viewers engage in that conversation by responding to the piece or to other viewers, often igniting other sparks of inspiration. We spoke with the artists behind the art to learn more.

Jubran’s work captures more than may be grasped at first glance. What would you guess is the meaning behind the work “Sphere”? When this question was asked of the artist, a detailed explaination insued. Here’s a piece of that conversation:

“This is from a series that deals from the micro to the macro. From the cosmos to cellular, molecule. So I’m interested in both – from plant earth to the atoms and that’s what this piece reflects - the relationship between natural science and nature. So that’s why it is a sphere within a sphere and reflects the four elements (earth, water, fire, wind) as from ancient philosophy, Greek philosophy to modern theories with the Big Bang Theory and the explosion of novas. So, what I’m doing here, just think about a cell that you’re looking through a microscope and what do you see? A cell within a cell or an atom within an atom. So I‘m breaking that back and forth, playing with that idea.”

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Learn more about all of the pieces in the current “Work in Progress” exhibition.

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