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Meet Sculptor Bob Doster

Think of art is as the beginning of a conversation between artist and viewer, where artwork is a visual "hello". Viewers engage in that conversation by responding to the piece or to other viewers, often igniting other sparks of inspiration. We talk with the artists behind the art to learn more.

Bob Doster is a veteran in the world of public art. For over fifty years he has served as not only a sculptor, but a teaching artist working with students to leave a lasting work of art for their school.

Doster has three works in Work in Progress II and all three representing different lines of creativity. Located in front of the Historic Courthouse, September Wind is part of a wind series, with many of the pieces being named for months of the year. Flight, located beside the Arts Center depicts the movement of flight. One of the pieces, House Portal, did seem to have more of a background story.

“[House Portal is] a series that I’ve been working on (on and off) for 30 years. It started out as a novelist type thing and then it evolved into these pieces with holes in the center. Originally I made them out of scrap material, but then I had to start making my own scraps to make them because I was selling them and I didn’t have enough scraps to make them anymore. This is the last one that I’ve done and we’ll eventually do some more as time goes on. A lot of the ones I do are pedestal pieces and those are in banks and collections predominately in North Carolina.

Ready to see these pieces for yourself?

Learn more about all of the pieces in the current “Work in Progress” exhibition.

Are you curious about the pieces included in the inaugural run of the "Work in Progress" exhibition? Click here for a map of all 11 pieces.





Photo Gallery

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