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Meet Sculptor Adam Walls

Think of art is as the beginning of a conversation between artist and viewer, where artwork is a visual "hello". Viewers engage in that conversation by responding to the piece or to other viewers, often igniting other sparks of inspiration.

A professor at the University of North Carolina Pembroke since 2007, Adam Walls has taught students from the public school through the collegiate level. He has exhibited his artwork at various exhibitions and sculpture parks across the United States.

With steel painted bright red and topped with a reflective sphere, his piece entitled Ball and Red Staircase can be found in front of the convergence of Hay and Old Streets.

The piece visualizes the struggle in taking the next step towards one’s goal – while you can picture yourself at the ultimate destination (the reflective sphere) it can be daunting to take the first step – hence the very large vertical incline on the front of the piece.

What’s your next step? Learn more about all of the pieces in the current “Work in Progress” exhibition.

Are you curious about the pieces included in the inaugural run of the "Work in Progress" exhibition? Click here for a map of all 11 pieces.


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