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Meet Barbara Hayes

Barbara Hayes

Never underestimate the power of a smile! Serving as the first line of contact since 2013, Barbara Hayes has welcomed many visitors into the Arts Council galleries. She also answers questions about the agency's programs and services, as well as inquiries regarding the cultural community at large. Barbara is a vital component to life “Behind the Red Doors,” so we asked her to share more about herself and this important role ...

Describe your daily routine: As the receptionist, my duties are varied. I am the Arts Council’s point person with the public, making customer satisfaction and the Arts Council’s image a priority. To that end, my duties include answering incoming calls, greeting gallery visitors, assisting the Arts Council staff, Board members, and representatives of member agencies. Serving in this job is an awesome privilege and opportunity to serve this community.

Three words that describe you: A good listener.

Most common question asked at work: How can I get my art exhibited in the gallery? (One answer: Click here to visit our Artist Opportunities page.)

Favorite aspects of the job: Interacting with the public daily and being a part of the creative and dedicated staff at the Arts Council.

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Fayetteville, but moved away many years ago. After retirement in 2009, I decided to move back.

Where else have you worked? I was a senior paralegal in Xerox Corporation’s Office of General Counsel in McLean, Va. As you can see, this job is a deviation from that career, but a perfect one for this retiree.                                  

Favorite Artists: Paul Jackson, Jr., Norman Brown, Joe Sample

Favorite color (Hint: Look at her glamour shot above!): Coral

Most rewarding moments: My greatest joy is doing what I think helps someone else. It makes my day when I feel that I’ve helped someone and they are appreciative. When you get a thank-you for your effort.

Favorite Arts Council event: I always enjoy the Black History Month exhibits. It is a reminder of my heritage and an appreciation of the artists' work.

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