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Get 'caught' downtown

Did you know that the Venus Flytrap is only found in a small area of North Carolina? It’s a tiny plant, but artist Paul Hill has created a huge sculpture to celebrate it. The artwork, made from steel and glass, is at the corner of Person Street and Otis Jones Parkway in downtown Fayetteville. It catches the rays of the sun – and it might just catch your eye, too.

You might also be curious about the metal horse in front of the Arts Council and the giant “X” by the Market House circle. Those pieces, along with Hill’s work, are included in the temporary art installation “Work in Progress.” Click here for a map of all 11 pieces.

Our cameras were rolling as the “Natural Embrace” piece was installed. Check out the time lapse video below.

Learn more about all of the pieces in the “Work in Progress” exhibition.

Learn more about artist Paul Hill:


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