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Equality in the Arts

The Arts Council firmly believes that the Arts are both a connector and a healer in times of uncertainty.  We support the notion that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  

We are committed to supporting our diverse community, an inclusive workplace culture and engaging all our friends and neighbors through the Arts. This past January, during our “Black On Black” exhibition, we utilized art as the catalyst for sparking a conversation about racism in America and in our community. With our community partners, we coordinated several panel discussions that brought people of all backgrounds together to help facilitate change. It is our sincere hope that in these challenging times that we continue to have deeper conversations so that we can rise together as a community.

The tragic death of George Floyd created an emotional inflection point for global justice. Across this nation and here at home, people filled the streets and used art as a way to express their emotions. Art was their release. Our community came together to fill our downtown with heartfelt illustrations that lifted us up instead of tearing us down. In response, we created the virtual gallery, "Community Expressionsto illustrate our solidarity.

These are indeed exciting and challenging times for all of us. A time for artists to leverage images and words to elevate discussions and reach a broader, more diverse audience. We hope you share our vision of a strong, united community with equality for all and powered by the Arts!