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Celebrate with the Arts!


Meet our amiga Diana!

Rundown of your position at Univision?

I am a Local Sales Manager, overseeing the sales and marketing aspects of Univision 40 North Carolina. However, my role is more than just a regular desk job; I also get the opportunity to connect with local business owners and help them grow their respective businesses. Throughout my professional journey, I have also had the honor of meeting members of our audience. These interactions are very humbling, as they always share their appreciation and admiration for Univision and the service and information we provide them daily. Furthermore, I serve on the board of a few business-orientated non-profits, and I advise them on how to create campaigns that are more inclusive and reach the Hispanic population.


Why do you think Arts and Culture is vital in our community?

As the leading Hispanic media company in the U.S., Univision has always been a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion. We strive to have various Hispanic cultures represented in our programming and events; it is important to showcase the traditions unique to Latinos across Latin America and the Caribbean, which of course includes arts and culture. Our advocacy for Hispanic culture and art falls squarely within our mission statement to empower, inform, and entertain our audience. It’s an important cause for Univision to champion and to highlights that the Hispanic is rich in cultural traditions.


Univision has supported the Arts Council for many years, we are grateful for the partnership.

Univision’s support for the Arts Council has grown through the years from a small partnership to a more collaborative relationship between both organizations. The Art Council’s message of unity perfectly aligns with Univision’s mission statement to empower, inform, and entertain Hispanic America. The Art Council’s affirmative action programs allows Hispanics and other minorities to obtain additional academic and professional aid. Univision is a proud supporter of the Arts Council.


What is your favorite Arts Council's program and/or event?

I would have to say “The International Folk Festival” as it has a special place in my heart. I have had the privilege of being part of this event for over 15 years, and I am always amazed to see the diversity of countries represented throughout the festival. I love seeing how everyone in the festival dresses up in traditional dress to showcase how proud they are of their heritage. Every country is represented in the “Parade of Nations.” Truthfully, it is cool to see how all of Hay St. is filled with hundreds of spectators waiting for the parade to start. This element of the “International Folk Festival” is truly one of a kind. Additionally, I enjoy listening to different bands that play during the festival. It is cool to see how no two bands play the same genre of music.



Can you give us a sneak peek of Univision's forthcoming projects?

At the local le
vel, we are currently finalizing two unique projects. The first is our annual scholarship program: Liga de Campeones (Champions League), which begins in early October of this year and will end in April 2020. This education-focused program recognizes exemplary students during their senior year of high school, and eight to ten winners will receive a scholarship for the college or university of their choice. Winners are selected based on various traits including but not limited to academic achievement and personal perseverance. The second event we are planning, Cena Noticias 40 (Dinner with Noticias 40), will happen in early December. Eight to ten local families will have the opportunity to have dinner with the entire Noticias 40 news team. It is an event built entirely based on feedback from our audience.


What is your motto?

If you want to make the difference, improve your mentality, capacity, and preparation.


A favorite quote?

Staying Alive…Staying Alive…wo, oh oh wo…just like the Bee Gees…