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Behind Keever's lens

Cape Fear Botanical Garden

The creative industry is filled with professionals from finance to freelance who not only excel in their industry, but are passionate about the arts.  One of those professionals is Thomas Keever, Photographer for Cape Fear Botanical Garden. Since 2010, he has been capturing the beautiful and unexpected flora and fauna that call CFBG home. We asked him to share some images -- see them above and in the Photo Gallery below.

Thomas also told us about what it’s like to be the photographer at such a beautiful institution ...

Describe your work: I provide photography primarily for the purpose of promoting the events and activities available at the Garden. Many of the images are utilized on our website, posted on social media, and incorporated in both periodical and billboard advertising. Most subject matter is either flora or fauna. Future activities will include photo documentation of the Garden's plant inventory to be added to our database. 

What animal (or critter) would be best suited for your job and why? Probably an owl. They have superb vision and hearing capabilities. While not at their level, I, too, must be constantly aware of my surroundings in order to produce quality images.

What's your typical day like?  I don't have what I would refer to as "typical days." If I do not have a shoot scheduled or a request from a co-worker for a particular shot, I simply grab some gear and look for interesting subject matter to photograph.

Favorite aspects of your job: The most interesting aspect for me is the diversity of subject matter and weather; both constantly changing, providing unlimited opportunities.

What previous work has led to this path? Freelance photography, shooting beach weddings and portraits in Florida for several years, and seven years as the photographer for The Longaberger Company (known for their baskets) in Ohio. I am a U.S. Marine veteran of Vietnam, and I have a BA in Visual Art from Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio.

What brought you here? I came here from Florida to have quality time with a daughter, son-in-law and two young grandsons. I am originally from Columbus, Ohio.

What would you tell a teenager who is considering your career path? Study composition and light. As in painting, that's what photography is about.

What makes it "more than a job" for you? I have the pleasure of working in a lovely natural environment with a team of bright, talented people!


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Photo Gallery

  • Young girl at Cape Fear Botanical Garden
  • Barred Owl
  • Holiday Lights Visitors Pavillion
  • Hummer explosion
  • Morning sun through a Japanese maple