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The Amazing 10!

Opening during 4th Friday on August 23, 10.10.10 exhibition, answers the question, “What happens when you give 10 linear feet to 10 artists for 10 self-curated exhibitions?” Because of its popularity, 10:10:10 is returning to highlight the strength of the Cumberland County creative community. The exhibition will open on 4th Friday, August 23, and will be on view
through October 19.
10.10.10 is devoted to spotlighting early-career artists that reside within specific counties in Southeastern North Carolina.  To spotlight new artists, last year’s 10:10:10 artists were not eligible for this year’s exhibition. Of the 50 artists that submitted portfolios, 10 were selected and will display 10 individual pieces along 10 linear feet creating 10 unique exhibitions in a sole gallery.  
There were no limits to the works for the 10-foot space.  Mixed mediums were used as vessels to capture varying imaginative andimpressive art. The emerging artists were encouraged to include unconventional architectural features presenting a diverse collection.

This year’s self-curated exhibit will feature works by Kia Love, Melissa A. McKinney, Stephanie Nicol Ojeda Matos, Andres Ramos Jr., Lana Reiber, Rob Robbers, Saundra Smith Rubiera, John M. Scrudder, Brian J. Tyler, and Cecelia R. Wilken.
The exhibitions were juried by an Arts Council Committeecomprised of specialists in the field of visual arts. Stop by the Arts Council's gallery - downtown Fayetteville to check out this AMAZING exhibition!