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10:10:10 exhibition opens 4th Friday, July 27

10:10:10 Artist
(Fayetteville, NC) July 26, 2018 — What happens when you give 10 linear feet to 10 artists for 10 self-curated exhibitions? Discovery.

From photography to drawings to paintings, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, 10:10:10 is a first-time concept exhibition at the Arts Center, 301 Hay Street, in downtown Fayetteville. The exhibition opens this 4th Friday, July 27, and runs through August 18. 

“Regional artists submitted portfolios of existing work in this juried exhibition,” says Deborah Martin-Mintz. “Ultimately, 10 artists were chosen, with works as varied as photographs taken in Lima, Peru, to oil pastels of people and unique places.”  

The Juror was Annah Lee, Director of Artistic Programs at Artspace in Raleigh. Anna Lee earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from the University of North Carolina in Chapel and a Master’s degree in Arts History from UNC-CH. Her doctorate coursework and dissertation prospectus focused on 19th-century American landscape painting. Since 2011, she has curated numerous exhibitions, including ones at Ackland Art Museum, The Block Gallery, and Artspace.

“My jurying process is always informed by my interest in art that brings me pause,” says Annah Lee, “and prompts me to question the artist’s intent and/or process. Is there an intriguing narrative present in the work, or an unexpected use of materials or technique? These are the questions that often pique my interest. I also consider how the selected works will play off one other to create interesting conversations within the gallery. Lastly, I strive to select a diverse body of work, representative of different styles and media.”

She adds, “The 10:10:10 exhibition, was unusual because all entries by each artist are displayed in the gallery. This challenged me to think about the artists’ bodies of work as a whole rather than selecting my favorite individual pieces. I was impressed by the quality and diversity of entries and am excited to see the final exhibition.” 

The artists whose works were chosen for 10:10:10 are: Griffin Carrick, Michael Hine, Cornell Jones, Doe Lee, Joy McGugan, Janine Meister, Raul R. Rubiera, Mercedes Vega, Mark White and Megan Wicks.


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