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E.g., 06/03/2020
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We Sing to Relate

Friday, October 20 | 7:30 PM
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church map

Through all of our differences, we all share one common thing:  we are Americans living in the greatest country in the world. We must remember that the American society is a tightly knit society and that we solve probIems together for a common cause, preserving our way of life for us and our children. We have withstood tragedies, loss, hatred towards others, and most recently, political divide. In an attempt to heal wounds and bring us together, the first concert will be dedicated to showcase the American composer, man and woman, and to showcase the innovation and creativity that we have as Americans. All of the titles performed will be composed by American citizens.

Individual concert tickets are available at the door for $27 each. Season tickets - $70.

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