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Playful Pedagogy

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Playing Out I: Foundations of Play
The first level of Playing Out is a two-day intensive workshop that focuses on play theories, play’s role in a child’s development, play in learning environments and the importance of the adult in service of playing children (playwork).  Participants will come away inspired and ready to reinvigorate their programs working with children.
Pre-requisite: None
Homework: Pre and Post Workshop Assignments
Natural Playwork emphasizes play in nature and how to take advantage of the many affordances provided by the natural world.
Learners will determine creative approaches to planning for play and practical applications for playwork outdoors. Participants will “play with” aspects of nature and play, and explore their combined application in outdoor play and learning environments.
This workshop provides strategies for incorporating nature play into curriculum, lesson plans, and everyday life as a way to enhance children’s opportunities for exploration, inquiry, and play outside.
Participants will receive a nature play and learning resource packet and a certificate of completion for the number of instructional hours. This may be used to seek approval for continuing education units and training hours credit or to meet eligibility Criteria II for the North Carolina Environmental Education Certification Program.
This program is brought to us through Linda Kinney from the North Carolina Zoo!
Both Days
$10 for members
$30 for non-members
Single-Day Registration
$5 for members
$15 for non-members
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