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Literary, Theatre, Visual Arts

Doug Berky Theatre

About the Artist

Doug Berky’s performances are an intricately woven fabric of several classic theatre forms: mime, mask and movement theatre, circus arts, and storytelling.  His training includes a B.A. in Drama from Furman University and study at the Dell’Arte School of Mime.  Before beginning his solo career in 1983, Doug toured as a performer and mask maker with Two Penny Circus, Montanaro Mime Theatre and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. 

Gems: The World’s Wisdom Stories (K-6): Classic styles of storytelling from many cultures with large-scale masks, mime, puppetry & the power of good story to introduce this collection of wisdom stories from around the world.

No Show (K-12): Doug transforms into several characters, from a gorilla to a ballerina as he explores the props & masks onstage. Students experience theatre forms of mime, mask theater, circus arts, storytelling.

Foibles, Fables & other Imaskinations (4-8): Re-telling of old & ancient stories recounting common struggles throughout history & across cultures;  beautiful production with large masks and large hand-painted sets

Grade LevelsK-12
Maximums400 Students, 50-60 minutes, 2/day
Technical Requirements

Access to electrical outlet; clean, clear performance space

Total Fee1 performance- $716 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,320
School Portion1 performance- $358 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $660

Imaginative literature (stories, folktales, myths), its context and content, can be creatively opened to students using the theatre disciplines of mask, mime, and storytelling.  Each class will select an international folktale, myth or story.  After learning about the culture, context, story and characters, the students will create their own presentation of their selection using these theatre arts.  Theatre and mask artist Doug Berky will guide students in this creative process.

Grade LevelsK-8
Maximums30 Students
Total Fee$1,000 per day (3 day minimum)
School Portion$334 per day (3 day minimum)

NO SHOW (K-12)

A performance has been scheduled, but the actor fails to show. Or does he?  What will happen when a lone spectator finds himself unwittingly on stage? Doug is transformed into several characters ranging from a gorilla to a ballerina as he explores the props and masks on stage.  Students experience a variety of theatre forms: mime, mask theater, circus arts, and storytelling. 

Curriculum Areas:  Visual arts, physical fitness, communication


Doug Berky uses classic styles of storytelling from many cultures including masks, mime, puppetry and the power of a good story to introduce this collection of wisdom stories from around the world. All people seek to understand the world, to live in peace, to deal justly with one another. These stories of hope, peace, freedom and justice will inspire while introducing students to literature from other cultures including Greece, India, Native America, and tales from Europe and South America. Doug has three versions of this production for the different age groups including a preschool version to help introduce young students to masks and stories.

Curriculum Areas:  World cultures and traditions; folklore, literature, visual arts, physical fitness, communication.


Grade LevelsK-12
MaximumsUnlimited, Varies
Technical Requirements

Conditions:  School must organize and administer event; Call to discuss further details


-  Call to discuss platform

Program includes live, online student interactive Q & A. 

Total Fee1 Virtual Presentation - $523 ( one week)
School Portion1 Virtual Presentation - $262 (one week)