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Capital Transit

About the Artist

"Capital Transit" is an entertaining, education-enriching, five piece vocal/instrumental group based in Raleigh- Durham A graduate of Oberlin School of Music, singer/songwriter Tim Smith plays sax, flute, & keyboards nationally and internationally. Drew Lile performs on guitar, bass, banjo, and mandolin with the NC Symphony, NC Theater, NC Jazz Repertory Orchestra and with national Broadway tours and visiting artists like Pavoratti, the Pointer Sisters, and Little Anthony and the Imperials. He currently teaches guitar at Duke University. Dave Youngman (graduate of the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan, and also University of Buffalo) plays keyboard, sax, guitar & clarinet. He has been writing, performing, and teaching music for over 30 years. Cindi Johnson has performed in Raleigh, as solo singer and pianist and as part of a group. She also taught kindergarten for 20 years. Lola Youngman, with a BS in Music Education, has taught music for over 30 years. She has written and directed many children's performances, including 12 of Wake County's "Pieces of Gold" shows. Together this group is unmatched for experience in performance and experience in Music Education.  

FROM BACH TO DOO-WOP MUSIC HISTORY SHOW - Capital Transit will take children K-5 through an entertaining, interactive time travel through 500 years of music history - in just 50 minutes! Study guides and CD's of famous pieces in the show will be sent to your music teacher about 4 weeks ahead in order to prepare students for this performance. Some of the songs have silly words to help the children learn and recognize the pieces. By the day of the performance every child in the school will be recognizing and identifying famous pieces! Starting with the Baroque period, musicians will perform segments of several pieces from the CD. Also the kids will be shocked to see guest appearances of famous composers (with big wigs) in person! (Don't tell the kids...we like to surprise them!) The kids always get a kick out of this! In the 1700's children will witness 2 performers as cats, singing (or rather meowing) a duet from one of Rossinni's operas. In the 1800's students will "travel" to America and hear a beautiful African American Spiritual. Then they'll learn how this era led to the birth of other forms of music (ragtime, blues, blue grass, and jazz.) Also they'll hear how certain non-musical historical events fit into history with the Music History depicted here. Several pieces will be interactive between the performers and children to let them feel the rhythms of blues & jazz. As the program moves through the 40's & 50's children get more excited as they see and hear how the Doo-wop era gave birth to modern music today!  

Program includes colorful powerpoint to accompany performance, containing maps, dates, and pictures to reinforce key learning points.  Besides being very entertaining, with electric guitar, sax, flute, bass, keyboard and 4 part vocals, this program is HIGHLY EDUCATIONAL, digging deep into the NC Course of Study goals in History, Social Studies and Music and all grade levels K-5.

Grade LevelsK-5
Maximums500, 50 minutes, 4/day
Technical Requirements

We ask for a stage on which to perform. We bring our own sound equipment, We ask for a projector on a cart to project power point onto our screen. If not available, show stands alone without power point.

Total Fee1 performance - $1,156 / 2 - 4 performances (same school, same day) - $1,650
School Portion1 performance - $578 / 2 - 4 performances (same school, same day) - $825